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The International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to honoring excellence in the field of electronic gaming by recognizing the champions, industries, and professionals related to this popular activity. We will build and maintain a state-of-the-art interactive facility in Ottumwa, Iowa that contains historical archive exhibits describing the milestones of the video game industry, and preserve significant video gaming relics, memorabilia, and artifacts of the times past and present.

The International Video Game Hall of Fame . . .

has been created to honor the luminaries of the video game age and to preserve the artifacts and memorabilia generated by this dynamic industry.  The IVGHOF is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that can accept donations and issue tax receipts.

The IVGHOF is taking a leadership role in the preservation of relics and artifacts that pertain to the worldwide video gaming culture.  In addition to providing traditional Hall of Fame services tot he video game industry, the IVGHOF is creating a state-of-the-art interactive museum that will showcase important documents that are part of our growing collections.  The IVGHOF will have three primary components: (a) Hall of Fame displays focusing on important individuals in the evolution of the video game age.  (b) A Museum of History that will have extensive exhibits on display that focus on important games, important events, technological breakthroughs, and important milestones itn the history of the electronic gaming industry.  (c) Archival Preservation, which features a comprehensive worldwide gaming industry, with the artifacts being arranged into many different historical collections that will be periodically put on display via a program of rotating exhibits.

And, to bring these collections to life, the IVGHOF is inviting educational institutions to join us in an academic alliance that gives today’s students the opportunity to use these materials to conduct research, to author papers and publish books.  The IVGHOF invites students to help us create scholarly documents that examine the impact that the video game industry has had on popular culture of our times. The IVGHOF seeks to pioneer a new discipline that promotes the scholarly examination of today’s video game culture.

The development of the state-of-the-art facility has been awarded to Huckleberry Consulting, of Kansas City, Missouri.  Though the IVGHOF is still in the initial stages of fund raising for the development of this proposed multi-million dollar physical facility, it has already conducted numerous events as well as inducted its first class of honorees.  Noteworthy among those efforts is the creation of an annual event called the Big Bang, which is a four-day gaming festival co-created by the Citizens of Ottumwa, Iowa and the IVGHOF.  This event has been created to turn the IVGHOF’s Annual Induction Ceremonies into and industry-wide celebration.

The IVGHOF is managed by a Board of Directors which serves with no compensation and is composed of members of the Ottumwa business community.