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  • Jerry Byrum – President
  • Julie Barwick – Treasurer


  • Walter Day – Board Director, as the founder of Twin Galaxies, the oldest video game scorekeeping and adjudication service in history, Walter Day is known as the creator of e-sports and has often been called The Patron Saint of Video Games.  His remarkable efforts to find, verify and catalog video game world records has led to a decades-long partnership with The Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Billy Mitchell – Board Director, is history’s most famous video game player. Proclaimed the Video Game Player of the Century at the 1999 Tokyo Game Show, Billy has enjoyed a remarkable career that included history’s first perfect score on Pac-Man (3,333,360 points on July 3, 1999) and appearing in the 1982 LIFE magazine photograph that featured the video game superstars of the Golden Age of video games. Famous the world over as the iconic creator of Rickey’s World Famous Sauce, Billy is based in Hollywood, Florida and is the co-creator of the annual Kong Off (the official Donkey Kong World Championship).
  • Brian Cady – Board Director, (Bio Coming Soon)
  • Bill Hoffman Board Director, (Bio Coming Soon)
  • Mary Gaskill, Board Director, is a member of the Iowa House of Representatives, serving her fifth term.  Over the years, Mary has been extremely active in her community.  In 2001, she received a Volunteer Award from Governor Vilsak for her work on the Foster Care Review Board.  She is currently a member of the Ottumwa Area Chamber of Commerce, previously serving on the Convention and Visitors Bureau. She also belongs to the League of Women voters, Toastmasters International, and St. Mary of the Visitation Church.  “I believe that  the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum will increase tourism and jobs in the Ottumwa area.  My four children and seven grandchildren are video game enthusiasts and are excited about the IVGHOF&M being in Ottumwa.  It brings back some good memories to my two oldest children as they enjoyed Twin Galaxies when it was in downtown Ottumwa.  As a family we look forward to the success of the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum.”
  • David Bishop – Board Director, (Bio Coming Soon)
  • Roger Jones – Board Director,  is a retired attorney.”I have been an avid video gamer since the 1970’s . While never particularly skilled at any that I played, from the beginning I appreciated the excellent entertainment that video gaming, in all of its aspects, provides.  This fascination prompted me to obtain my first computer, an Apple 1 in 1972. From there I graduated to a Commodore 64, then a Commodore 128, then a Commodore Amiga. In 1981, I bought my first IBM Compatible machine. Since then I have constantly upgraded, and currently own two desktops and three laptops.  The point I am trying to make here has nothing to do with my computer acquisition habits, but rather to stress that my interest in video gaming in fact fomented my introduction into the world of computers as indispensable tools for everyday use, both for business use and in personal matters. I am certain that  this has been the case with a great number of other individuals. In short, a lot of people bought computers because of access to home video gaming, but learned the other benefits of computer use as a result.  I am also particularly invested in the International Video Game Hall of Fame, and the need for it to be located in Ottumwa, where competitive arcade video gaming began. Despite the fact that I used to wear a disguise so as not to embarrass myself when playing on consoles at arcades, I was always thrilled I had the opportunity to observe a particularly skilled gamer at work. These individuals, and the championship gamers I have since had the privilege to meet, clearly demonstrate that success at these games requires intelligence, excellent hand-eye coordination, and a facility for long term planning. I might be stating the obvious, but these are skills that are extraordinarily useful in the outside world.  I am particularly proud to be a Board member of the International Video Game Hall of Fame for the reasons mentioned above, and for the opportunity to foster much deserved recognition and economic development long due in the City of Ottumwa.”