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In 2010, the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum announced and inducted it’s first class. At that time, 29 individuals and one video game were inducted into the IVGHOF. Now, five years later, the IVGHOF is pleased to announce the members of the 2015 class to be inducted at an event in 2016.

The 2015 class of inductees was selected by accomplished gamers, journalists and video game industry executives who have extensive knowledge of the achievements in gaming. We are pleased to announce the following individuals and video games are being inducted:

  • Thor Aackerland, competitive gamer
  • David Bishop, Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
  • Tim Balderramos, competitive gamer
  • Defender, Legendary Arcade Game
  • Eric Ginner, competitive gamer
  • Katherine (Mystik) Gunn, competitive gamer
  • Steve Harris, competitive gamer
  • Eugene Jarvis, game designer and producer
  • Josh Jones, competitive gamer
  • Tim McVey, competitive gamer
  • Gary Stern, game designer and producer