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Industry Leader

  • In 1980, worked at HAL Laboratory as a part-time programmer.
  • In 2000, became head of Nintendo’s corporate planning division.
  • In 2011, created the Nintendo Online Press conference, Nintendo Direct
  • Helped develop Pokémon Gold and Silver
  • Assisted in the development of Super Smash Bros for N64
  • Headed Nintendo team to create the Nintendo DS.  
  • Pushed development to create the Nintendo Wii.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award at 2015 Golden Joystick Awards and the 2016 DICE Awards


  • Well known game designer and programmer who produced games for Atari, Williams Electronics and Midway Games.
  • Co-founded Vid Kidz and currently runs his own development studio, Raw Thrills Inc.

  • Jarvis was named the first Game Designer in Residence by DePaul University’s Game Development program in 2008
  • Games Developed by Eugene include Robotron: 2084, Stargate and Defender